June 16, 2008

Bird Doodle 2

My second bird doodle. This one uses only greens, blues, and purples for the background colors (Prismacolor pencils). Then I did a wash of black india ink all over it, wiping it off quickly, so it left a lot of the color showing through. The pencils are a little waxy, so they repel the ink. The white outlines are done with the best white ink pen in the world! It really is the best white pen I've ever used. I was especially leery of ordering it since every gel pen I've ever used dries up, clogs up, or in some other way, totally pisses me off - but this one is AMAZING. Really! It writes smoothly even over the top of other media, like acrylic paint, and the colored pencils. I've had a lot of trouble in the past getting anything to write over them because of their waxy nature.

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