September 22, 2012

Playing with watercolors again

I've gotten out my Twinkling H2O watercolors again and decided to prepare some backgrounds in this little journal I have had forever and just never seem to get around to using. Maybe some pretty colors will make me want to art up some pages?

I've lost track of how many times I've started new art journals over the years. I've got the starting thing down, it's the sticking to it and finishing one that I've never experienced.

But I am ever optimistic that there will finally be a breakthrough and I will actually complete one. I'm sure it'll happen right before I finally figure out where that one sock disappears to in the dryer, find the perfect purse,  get down to my goal weight, and fully grok the Epicurean Ideal - so I probably shouldn't hold my breath or be too disappointed when this too goes on the pile of unfinished projects.