June 30, 2007

Items for sale at etsy

I've had an account over at etsy.com since 2005 and I've finally got around to putting a couple pieces of art up for sale. Man, I'm a slacker! LOL

Anyway, if you want to check out my store, it's badbabyart.etsy.com

June 29, 2007

But I really LOVE the Depressed Primitive Clown Head on a stick!

Threadbared.com is a totally hilarious site that lampoons all those crazy crafts of yesteryear, like hard-boiled egg cozies and macrame monstrosities. I was cruising through laughing out loud at some of the nutty stuff, when all of a sudden I found this gem - I love this little guy. Clowns usually give me the creeps, but this little guy is so sad and vintage Halloween-y looking. He's just wonderful! I'm going to have to try to make one of these.
clipped from www.threadbared.com


Not so much with all the bright colors and cheery grins?  Depressed Primitive Clown Head On A Stick could be right for YOU!

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