February 22, 2011

ATC for February's Challenge

All hand-drawn, colored, inked - nothing digital for a change. The challenge was that we had to use at least a bit of every item that was sent to us and include the word FUN somewhere in the card.  One of the items sent was this cute Zetti stamp character -but since there was only one and I was making four cards- I decided to draw it myself 3 times and kind of reassembled it so it would fit on the card. Originally the "wheel" bit was down below the square "body". I was really happy with how they turned out. None of them are exactly like the original, but they are very close. I did a different pattern on each cone hat just to mix it up a bit. The coloring was done with Neocolor II water-soluable wax pastels that I just bought - I LOVE THEM! They are like crayons for grown-ups. Really fun to work with. The painted/glittered papers in the background were some of the provided items as was the copper colored paper that I punched the little puzzle pieces out of. The red chalk stenciling was done with PanPastels, another new to me product that I absolutely LOVE.