December 31, 2007

Old art photos found

What a nice surprise for the New Year! I just found a bunch of photos of my old art stuff on a flicker account I opened up back in 2004 and since forgot all about.

These projects are special to me since they were some of the very first ATCs and collage stuff I ever attempted and they were all swapped, so I don't have the originals of any of them. NEAT!

December 08, 2007

Anti-Xmas Tree!

I finally got my anti-xmas tree all decorated with charms! These charms are ones that I received in a year-long charm swap I was in with 5 other women. There are a couple on here that I made too, but most are from my talented artist friends. Thanks Pam, Candy, Cris, Colleen, and Zanna - you've really made my anti tree something special! I'm going to put it on display at work on Monday. : )