July 19, 2008

Hometown Postcard swap

We are having another swap at BBA - this one is altered postcards. Pam is going to bind them into books. We've got 15 players, so I ended up buying 3 cards each of 5 different styles. Each Queen holds a unique inch-square abstract "canvas" in her hand.

Here's an example of each style card:

On the backside of each postcard is a quote from Kandinsky:
There is no must in art because art is free.

Row Houses I made for the swap

Row House Anniversary Swap

We had a "Row House" swap for our 4th Anniversary at the BadBabyArt yahoo group.

There were so many awesome, creative houses turned in that it was next to impossible to pick which four to keep for myself! That's the hardest part about being the swap host!

These are the ones I finally decided on (4 plus the extra one that Pam sent me - thanks Pam!)

The awesome spooky house is by Colleen Kent, the pretty mermaid lighthouse is by Rosa Munoz, the teapot house (so cute!!!) is by Lorna Sommer, the beautiful teepee is by Chris Miser, and the wonderful green #53 house is by Pam Crawford.

Thank you so much to all the artists, I love each and every one of them!

July 14, 2008

No False Idols

I found the peeled apart faux Polaroid frame in a great article at art-e-zine. I filled the frame in Photoshop with a scanned background I made with alcohol inks on glossy paper, and a photo I took at a local cemetery.

July 13, 2008

Playing with Photoshop brushes

A simple collage I threw together in Photoshop with some really cool brushes from spy-glass. I kinda went overboard with them! I used some from her butterfly set, lace set, spatter set, and stamp set. Fun!

July 07, 2008

Another old favorite

Digital collage.

Color swap page

Orange & Hot Pink color combo page

Mnemosyne (memory)

For the Muses themed skinny book swap. Digital collage.

I dream of flight

Deco spread. Love that green and pink color combo.

Sacred Heart

Playing with funky color combos

More old projects

This one is a digital collage page. Love that found illustration - she's so retro!

Family is Forever

I especially liked the way the colors and textures turned out. I used some rubberstamping and embossing for this background.

Route 66 deco page

A page I did for a fun travel themed deco.

Africa deco page

I used a cool wallpaper sample for the black/white background paper and lots of fun african animal stickers. The woman's tatoo was added in Photoshop.

Cupid Awake/Asleep deco page.

This is a page I created for a deco. I scanned in the little girl images from a set of original prints I own called, "Cupid Awake" and "Cupid Asleep" by M B Parkinson, 1897. Isn't she sweet?

"Pumpkin" color swap pages

Pirate-y Goodness

This one was for a Pirate themed chunky book.
I love the color combo on this one.

Posting lots of old stuff tonite

I was cleaning up my computer files this evening and found a bunch of old art projects I hadn't seen in awhile. This one is a favorite. I really loved how my background turned out. Those swirls of purple and black were painted digitally and I added a black silhouette of a photo I took of a tree in my backyard. Layered over a doctored/colored found image of the moon, I think it has a really nice effect. It was for a Beatles themed chunky book. My page is for the song, "Blackbird" - one of my all time favorite Beatles tunes. That's a black feather sticking up out of the lyrics on the backside.