May 05, 2007

Inchies on display - Warning Bad Photo!

Well, I'm still without a working scanner and it's really put a kink in my style! I never realized how much I used it. Anyway, trying to make do, so I've tried to taking a picture of a Dollar Store frame I picked up and repurposed to display some of the inchies I got back from our swap at BBA. Try to ignore the horrible blurriness of the photo!

The frame was a cardboard thing meant for wedding pics - which is totally bizarre, since who would have a bunch of tiny little pictures from their wedding?? Anyway, the little squares are just the right size for displaying inchies! I just painted black acrylic paint over the really tacky printed design on the frame itself, added some silver dry brushing for a metal look and then slipped a piece of black paper inside the frame. I then glued the inchies inside the little squares right to the paper inside.

1 comment:

MaryAnn said...

Very neat way to display these.