July 13, 2012

Bookmark Swap

My watercolor bookmarks with magazine page spiral thingees and a quote by C.S. Lewis.


Christie Morgan South said...

I LOVE these!

Andria said...

Hi Lisa,
I came over here from Chris's blog (from her bookmark swap post), and wanted to tell you that I love the variety of different things you create! I enjoyed looking back through your recent posts. I like to do a lot of different kinds of art and crafts projects, so I feel like we are similar in that regard...makes it fun, doesn't it? :-)

Lisa South said...

Thanks Christie and Andria! :)

And you're absolutely right Andria, we are similar (I went and checked out your blog). I think the "mixed" is what most appeals to me about mixed-media. Ha! I get bored if I stick to one thing too long. But I do tend to fall back on digital a lot (good ol' Photoshop). Somehow that never seems to get boring for me. Comfortable, but not boring. :)