March 30, 2008

Sea Foam and Rust

An accidental exercise in décollage.

I had this collage hanging around that I just hated. It was one of the first things I ever tried to do. It was a bunch of crap stuck to a painted, gessoed masonite board. During my BIG CLEAN - 2008, which is ongoing - I decided I couldn't look at the damn thing anymore and I was about to trash it, when I thought I should try to salvage the masonite at least. So I began ripping, scraping, and tearing at the stuff, trying to get it off the board. It was hard work! I must say, I had a very keen grasp of the importance of good adhesive products early on in my work!

Well, the bigger the mess I made of this board, the more I started to really like it!!! Gone were the fake leaves, letter tiles, and the placed-just-so paper cut-outs - what remained was a wonderful mess of color and texture! I ran into the studio and immediately began dabbing on more paint here, a little crayon there until I had something I really could love!

I give you, Sea Foam and Rust. My first real foray into the world of décollage and abstract art.


RTD71 said...

I like it too. I would feel compelled to stick something on top. :-p

lily said...


---MARILYN DAMSCHEN--- said...

Ummmm, if you decide to sell high-quality copies of this PLMK. I'd love it as a background in my journal or to tear up and mix with other elements as collage fodder. Luv it!