December 03, 2006

1x1 Collage Square Addict

I had an interesting discovery this week - it actually takes me much longer to create these tiny collages in Photoshop than it does using a stack of magazines, scissors and a glue stick. I think it's because I take more time endlessly messing around with all the elements, colors and fonts because anything is possible, vs. just cutting and pasting what I have available on my art table.

It took me an average of 30-45 minutes to do each of these damn squares - but I do like the results, so I'll just try and not think about all those hours I should've been exercising or flossing or cleaning house, instead of sitting hunched over my keyboard endlessly clicking away in the glow of the monitor's light.

I'll admit it - I'm an addict. A mouse-clicking, keyboard-clacking, color-worshipping, sore-ass-having, teensy-tiny-square-loving addict. I think I better go stretch my legs while they still work.


audrey said...

Lisa...i gotta hand it to you, i tried making some of these just to see if i would like it and i got two done and gave up :o) i just couldn't see cutting up 100 images and words. I love what you created here digitally.....all beauties.

Kelly Shults said...

LOL! I love your tiny collages and your sense of humor. I am a digital artist/ graphic designer too... so I completely understand your last paragraph. (which had me in stitches). Thanks for the giggle!